Freedom Solar provides commercial energy solutions that allow organizations of all sizes and functions easy access to reduced, fixed energy costs with little or no upfront investment.

Allowing your solar energy solution to be handled end-to-end by one industry-leading company means investing in a cohesive project built from a single framework that’s managed and warranted after delivery so your focus can stay on your own operations.

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Investing in a commercial solar system are made easy with Freedom Solar’s turn-key solar solutions.  Contact us for more information.

At Freedom Solar, we are experts at analyzing rate schedules and optimizing solar solutions to maximize your ROI.

From solar leases to power purchase agreements, we specialize in helping you go solar with no capital investment.

Reduce Your Energy Costs

Reduce your energy costs and take a huge step toward meeting your sustainability goals. Join the nation’s most sustainable corporations by switching to clean, more affordable energy. Freedom Solar is deeply committed to helping the companies lower operating costs while meeting renewable energy needs.

Contact Freedom Solar today and learn about how we can help you reduce energy costs for your commercial property. Solar is an investment that pays dividends for decades – let us help you start saving money today!

Take Advantage of Rebates

Solar energy systems are heavily subsidized by many governments and utilities. Rebates, grants, tax credits and exemptions can provide cash or be worked into solar project financing plans to reduce payments. Taking advantage of solar rebates and tax incentives is an integral part of the financial leverage solar energy provides, and can help you switch to cleaner, cheaper power with absolutely no upfront investment.

Freedom Solar specializes in identifying and acquiring solar rebates and tax incentives for clients, and we’re pleased to include this as part of our comprehensive solar service.