Our Solar Shade Structure may power your barn or workshop

Ranch Solar Solutions

We can customize a solution that works for your ranch needs. Our Solar plan may power your barn, workshop or we can build a shade shelter for your horses


  • Offers shade, shelter, comfort for ranch animals or equipment and it is a clean, reliable energy source
  • Ties to the electricity grid to offset your overall energy costs
  • Presents a productive alternative when rooftop solar is not a viable solution

There are several reasons why shade is especially important for horses:

  • Horses that do not have access to shade can suffer from overheating (the large body of a horse takes longer to cool down than that of a smaller bodied animal)
  • Horses with areas of white skin can burn easily in the sun (white facial markings etc.)
  • Horse flies prefer full sun therefore a horse without shade is also plagued by flies
  • The eyes of horses have evolved to let in lots of light (so that they can make best use of any available light at dawn and dusk). In very bright weather (especially if the horse does not have an adequate forelock) the horse can be uncomfortable due to this.
  • Also some breeds such as Clydesdales and Appaloosas are more susceptible to eye cancers due to having more ‘white’ around the eye.

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